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Compass Insurance in Lansing, MI, is your go-to source for motorcycle insurance. Whether you’re making your way around town or taking to the open roads, Compass Insurance has the perfect policy that will give you peace of mind. With our motorcycle insurance, you can be sure that your ride is secure financially and that you are covered in case of any damages or injuries due to an accident. Compass offers various types of coverage from 20+ insurance companies, so you can get just what you need for those summer rides around town or on the open road!

Some Ways to Customize a Motorcycle Policy

  • Get full replacement coverage in case your motorcycle is totaled
  • Compass offers comprehensive coverage that pays for any non-accident-related losses or damage
  • Have peace of mind with medical coverage in case of accidents
  • Receive uninsured/underinsured motorist protection for sidecars, transport trailers, custom parts and accessories, chrome, and safety apparel

Why Compass Motorcycle Insurance?

Compass Insurance, based in Lansing, Michigan, and specializing in motorcycle insurance, is proud to provide its customers with the highest standards of coverage. We understand the passion riders have for their motorcycles, and we strive to ensure that our policyholders have a worry-free experience when they hit the open roads. Our coverage options offer protection tailor-made for riders and their bikes, backed by a fast response time when a claim is needed. From cross-country treks to leisurely afternoon rides through Michigan. Our customers thank us over and over again for getting them the right coverage at the best price. We work for our customers, not the insurance companies!
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The Top Insurance Companies We Work With

AAA Insurance Michigan
Nationwide Insurance Michigan
Liberty Mutual Insurance Michigan
Travelers Insurance Michigan
Citizens Insurance Michigan
Grange Insurance Michigan

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Compass Insurance Offers Many Discounts

  • Save money on your motorcycle insurance policy
  • Renew your policy with us and save money
  • Receive a discount for insuring multiple motorcycles & vehicles
  • Get a discount for transferring your policy to Compass Motorcycle Insurance
  • Get a discount for taking a motorcycle safety course or being in the military

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Serving You Better

48864, 48901, 48906, 48910, 48911, 48912, 48915, 48916, 48917, 48919, 48922, 48924, 48929, 48930, 48933, 48937, 48951, 48956